hospitality & Friendship

Built from a shared passion for hospitality.

Senia invites everyone entering our doors to gather around a table and share a meal in friendship. Our name is a play on the word “xenia”, the ancient Greek ideology of hospitality where strangers and friends alike were treated with the same regard. We welcome you into a comfortable, convivial environment to join in some well-crafted drinks and delicious food.

regional american cuisine

Showcasing The Intersection of Diverse Cultures

Our regional American cuisine celebrates Hawaii’s abundance of beautiful ingredients and showcases the gastronomic possibilities that result when diverse cultures and multi-discipline culinary training intersect.

Our kitchen team is led by Senia's founding Chef/Owner, Anthony Rush.

À la carte

A neighborhood restaurant with a sense of place.

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Tasting Menu

The Tasting Menu is available Friday and Saturday, one seating at 6:30pm.

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